Head of the Centre: Ol’ga N. Novikova, PhD in History

Scientific Secretary of the Center: Filipp O. Trunov, PhD in Political Science

Centre for Academic Research and Informational Studies on Global and Regional Issues is one of the biggest centers of INION RAN. It was shaped in 1996 as a result of a very important reform initiated by the then Director of the Institute – academician V. A. Vinogradov.

The structure of the Centre:

The goal of the Centre is to analyze main trends of development on global and regional levels, such as processes of transformation of countries and national communities under the influence of economic globalization in the 21st century, social consequences of globalization, shifts of the social structures in developed countries, changes in the structure of incomes and inequality, characteristics of the process of urbanization and socio-spacial differentiation in the global world, the impact of globalization on social activity and political landscape.

Another field of analysis is the future of globalization, so called “New Variety” which replaces the universal model of managing (Department of Global Issues).

Such global problems as arms control, climate change and ecological challenges, migration flows, waste management, innovations, global health, global education, food security are in the focus of researches at the Centre (all departments are involved).

Two regional departments (Europe and America, European Security Problems) focus their research activities on the main trends of socio-political, socio-economic and cultural development of Europe and America as well as on the place and role of international institutions: the European Union, NATO, OSCE, Council of Europe. The analysis of Euro-Atlantic security problems in a broader sense of the notion (including political, military, socio-economic, humanitarian, ecological aspects, migration and counter-terrorism) is in the prism of scientific interests of the researchers.

Special attention is paid on studying the roots and consequences of global and regional conflicts and crises. Nowadays efforts to resolve conflicts are complicated by the profound shift in geopolitics: the USA are losing its world superpower status and its traditional leadership role; China is an emerging superpower; Europe is affected by a number of crises; in the meanwhile Russia is regaining its role on global arena. In this contexts the Centre offers strategic insights that could help to protect or advance Russian interests in different regions.

Department of Asia and Africa carries out academic research and informational studies in the field of Oriental and African studies. Main trends in the development of these disciplines are identified. Academic and experts’ communities of Russia are informed about the most important and interesting studies, realized in Asian, African and Western countries in the field of transformation of social-economic, political and cultural systems of Asia and Africa, caused by the influence of global challenges.

Besides the analysis of the main trends in development on global and regional levels, the classification of foreign and Russian scientific literature is realized. The Centre organizes seminars and round-tables on the most acute problems connected with the international politics and the development of Europe, America, Asia, Africa. Different types of information and analytical materials are prepared.

Periodicals published at the Centre: