Head of the Centre

Doctor of Science in Political Science Dmitry V. Efremenko.


Research fields and activities

The Centre conducts research in the fields of law, political science, sociology and social psychology, economics, and history. It produces analytical knowledge and information on social sciences in order to provide scientific information support for broad range of scholars, students, policy makers. Our expertise is based on the synergy of social informatics and the social science knowledge of our staff members.

The main research areas of the Centre are:

The Centre has a Scientific and Methodological Council, which includes the head of the Centre, department heads and leading researchers. The Council coordinates the activities of units within the Centre, provides scientific and methodological support in the development of scientific information and research projects and programs.

One of the main activities of the Centre is editing of three series of the journal of scientific abstracts Social sciences and humanities. Domestic and Foreign Literature. Series 4: State and Law, Social sciences and humanities. Domestic and Foreign Literature. Series 5: History, and Social sciences and humanities. Domestic and Foreign Literature. Series 11: Sociology, scholarly journals Political Science, Economic and Social Problems of Russia, e-journal Social Innovations and Social Sciences, Sociological Yearbook, as well as non-periodical publications within the framework of the series “Legal Science”, “Political Science”, “Theory and History of Sociology”, “Problems of Economics”, “World History” and “History of Russia”.

The Centre is located at Krzhizhanovsky str., 15, building 2, room 123.

Research Topics: