Proposals for academic publications

INION RAN’s Publishing Centre is inviting proposals for academic books, edited collections and guest edited journal issues in Social Sciences and Humanities.

INION RAN publishes academic research-based books and analytical overviews (brochures) in Political Science, Economics, State and Law Issues, Language and Linguistics, Cultural Studies, Communication, Literature Studies, Philosophy, Oriental and African Studies, Sociology, History, Russian Studies, Scientometrics, Education, Information and Library Science.

We are proud of our scholarly journals, edited collections, edited yearbooks, and edited proceedings in Social Sciences and Humanities.

Submission procedure

  1. The author or editor-in-chief of the book or edited collection prepares a proposal and submits it to INION RAN’s Publishing Centre in advance, at least nine months before supposed date of publication. Proposal must include title of the book, an extended abstract, and table of contents with authors’ names.

  2. The Publishing Centre sends the proposal to the Academic Council for expertise, which takes not more than 30 days.

  3. In case of a positive decision the book is included in the preliminary publishing schedule, and author or editor-in-chief is informed about it.

  4. Within 90 days the author or editor-in-chief prepares and submits a camera ready full-text manuscript to INION RAN’s Publishing Centre.

  5. The camera ready full-text manuscript undergoes internal discussion in a profile INION RAN’s research department and goes through an independent expertise made by at least two external reviewers (candidates and doctors of science on the topic of the book or edited collection). It takes other 30 days.

  6. The reviews are sent to the author or editor-in-chief. In case of a positive decision the author or editor-in-chief of the book or edited collection has 30 days to make corrections and reply to reviewers’ comments.

  7. When issues concerning book content are clarified, the manuscript is forwarded to the member of the INION RAN’s Directorate competent in book’s research topic. He or she checks the compliance of the manuscript with the general requirements for scientific publications. It takes 30 days.

  8. Then within 60 days the book goes through literary editing and proofreading procedure. The author approves the changes made by editors and signs the book mockup for printing.

  9. The book mockup is sent to the printing house and within 60 days the book or edited collection is published. The author or editor-in-chief has right to ten free of charge printed copies of the book and / or electronic copy of the book.

  10. INION RAN’s Publishing Centre registers the published book in Russian Book Chamber, sends legal copies to the leading libraries and scientific and technical organizations of the Russian Federation and also distributes books through online and offline bookstores and subscription. If the book is published open access, the full-text copy of the book will be uploaded on INION RAN’s online repository, eLibrary and CyberLeninka platforms.