The information journal Russia and the Moslem World is a scientific periodical published by the Institute of Scientific Information for Social Sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences, since 1992. The cofounder of the publication is the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The journal is printed in Russian and in English, four issues in Russian and four issues in English a year.

The journal publishes articles, reviews, reports, reference information about Islam in Russia and the world. The outlay of the journal is permanent, and all the stuff is placed under thematic headings:

The material published in the journal analyzes Russia’s relations with the Muslim world, helps understand the place and role of Islam in the system of state-religious relations in the Russian Federation, study modern socio-political changes in Muslim countries, reveal reasons for the emergence of religious extremism, study the transformations of religious consciousness under globalization and its influence on the traditional Muslim community. The bulletin also examines problems of the theory of Islam and relations between the East and the West. Apart from that, the journal publishes information about Muslim organizations, political parties and movements.

The English version of the bulletin informs the world academic community about works by its colleagues in Russia, presenting the point of views of Russian scholars of the Orient, sociologists and political analysts on the processes taking place in the modern world with due account of the Islamic factor.

The material published in the journal is of interest to all readers due to its novelty, enabling them to be au courant of events taking place in the Islamic world, and also helping take decisions on the problems of interaction with Muslim countries.