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Ginesina Natalia

Ginesina Natalia

ведущий редактор

Подразделение: Центр междисциплинарных исследований

Position: Leading  Editor of the Scientific Information Journal "Russia and the Muslim World", Publishing Department of the Journals "Rossiya i Musulmanskiy Mir" and "Russia and the Moslem World", INION RAN.

Education: Moscow State Pedagogical Institute named after Maurice Thorez (1982 -1987). Diploma. California State University, Hayward (1999-2000). Certificate.

Research interests: Islam in modern Russia. Ethno-confessional relations. Revival processes, innovations and structural changes in Islam. Cooperation of Russia with Islamic countries of near and far abroad.

Professional activity:  Managing Editor, responsible for publishing the quarterly Scientific Information Journal "Russia and the Muslim World" in English, performs scientific translation and abstracting of materials on specialized topics, carries out scientific editing of materials for publications in the Journal

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