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Andreeva Galina Nikolaevna

Andreeva Galina Nikolaevna

кандидат юридических наук, доцент
ведущий научный сотрудник

Подразделение: Отдел культурологии

  • RFBR grant " Theoretical basis of legal mechanisms for secession prevention" Project No. 20-011-00418. 2020-2022 Successfully completed. Project Manager Andreeva G.N.

Project annotation. The relevance of the topic is determined by the widespread prevalence of social movements, which see secession as a 'universal solution' of their problems; such situation allows us to consider them as global phenomena. At the same time, secessions, even if they solve some problems, may entail other ones, often serious, for both the departing territory and the “mother” state; secessions also increase instability in the region. Such situation determines the importance of developing different measures for secession prevention, in particular, political, economic and social ones; all such measures must have a solid legal basis. This implies not only the increased relevance of research aiming to create the theoretical foundations of legal mechanisms of secession prevention, but also creates a high level of significance for them, since the stability of not only individual countries, but also entire regions, depends on the availability of adequate science-based legal regulations in that field.

The scientific novelty of the project is caused by its goals: firstly, it is aimed at complex and comprehensive study of the theoretical basis of the legal mechanisms of secession prevention, and, secondly, at identification, during research, of the most effective legal instruments and the boundary constraints of their application.
As the outcome the project, science-founded theoretical basis of legal mechanisms of secession prevention will be developed; it will be based on the synthesis of relevant aspects of national scientific doctrines and existing practices.


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