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Aleshkova Irina Alexandrovna

Aleshkova Irina Alexandrovna

Candidate of Legal Sciences, Associate Professor
Leading Researcher of the Department of Legal Studies of INION RAS

Подразделение: Отдел правоведения

  • Candidate of Legal Sciences, Associate Professor,
  • Leading Researcher of the Department of Legal Studies of INION RAS

Area of scientific interests: principles of constitutional law, constitutional values, environmental protection, biolaw, biological safety, human rights and freedoms, legal taxonomy

Information about teaching: Associate Professor of the Department of Land and Environmental Law, Patrice Lumumba Peoples' Friendship University of Russia

Total number of scientific publications: 220

The most significant scientific publications:

  1.  Ensuring biological safety as a constitutional and legal narrative for public administration // Bulletin of the Moscow State Regional University. Series: Jurisprudence. – 2023. – N 2. – P. 20-30.
  2. Non-tax and tax payments for negative impacts on the environment: on the issue of models and their stimulating role when integrating into the Russian economy // State and Law. – 2023. – N 7. – P. 88-99. (in collaboration with Vakula M.A., Umnova-Konyukhova I.A.);
  3. The principle of timely response to emerging biological threats as a guarantee of biological safety: a theoretical and legal approach // Bulletin of the Russian Legal Academy. – 2023. – N 4. – P. 154–163;
  4. The relationship between the right to biological safety and the right to reliable information about the state of the environment as a factor in the formation of trust in society // Constitutional and municipal law. –2023. –N 11. – P.37–41;
  5.  Principles of constitutional law: experience of comprehensive research and application: monograph / RAS. INION. – Moscow, 2022. - 222 p.;
  6. Trends in the development of the system of principles of constitutional law of the Russian Federation // Law and State: Theory and Practice. – 2022. – N 3 (207). – P.164 – 167;
  7. On the importance of searching for new approaches when modeling the system of principles of constitutional law // Modern Law. – 2022. – No. 4. – P.5 – 11;
  8. Aleshkova I. A. Environmental taxes as a means of achieving sustainable development: Search for an optimal model of equilibrium of environmental and economic principles // Social and Humanitarian Sciences. Domestic and foreign literature. Series 4: State and law. – 2021. – N 3. – P. 94-108.
  9. The concept of “principle” as an element of law // Review of linguistics and culture. – 2021. – Issue. 5. – P. 3-14;
  10.  Human rights and ethics in the context of the development of digital information technologies and bioengineering // State and Law. – 2021. – N 9. – P. 75-89. (in collaboration with Umnova-Konyukhova I.A.);
  11.  Biolaw as an industry of a new generation // Bulletin of Tomsk State University. Right. – 2021. – No. 41. – P. 98–118. (in collaboration with Umnova-Konyukhova I.A.);
  12. On the issue of constitutional taxonomy // State and law. – 2020. – N 1. – P. 32-40. (in collaboration with Umnova-Konyukhova I.A.).

Participation in editorial boards and editorial councils of scientific publications:

  • •AJ “Social and human sciences: Domestic and foreign literature.” Ser. 4: «State and law».
  • «Moscow legal journal»

Participation in major research projects

• From 2023 to 2024. head of scientific project No. 23-28-00113 The right to biological safety in the Russian Federation: current problems of legal regulation and judicial protection”;

• In 2021, participant in the scientific project No. 20-111-50076 “Expansion” on the topic “Human rights and ethics in bioengineering and information technology.”

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