Polozhikhina, Maria A.

The main task of the Department of Economics is the scientific, informational and methodological support of research on the state and main trends in the development of the economy and social sphere in Russia and foreign countries. Employees of the Department pay great attention to promising areas of study of socio-economic dynamics and innovation processes. The results of their analytical work are presented in the issues of the scientific journal Economic and Social Problems of Russia, in the electronic scientific journal Social Novelties and Social Sciences and other publications of the Institute. Until 2020 the Department also carried out scientific and editorial preparation of Series 2, Economics of the abstract journal Social Sciences and Humanities. Russian and Foreign Literature.

Address: 15 Krzhizhanovsky str., k. 2, r. 420.

The scientific journal Economic and Social Problems of Russia preserves the continuity of approaches of the collection of scientific papers (with the same name), which was published by INION RAN since 1998. The journal is published since 2020 with quarterly frequency and contains reviews and articles. The materials of the issues are presented under traditional headings (international relations, the financial system, socio-demographic processes, issues of management and scientific and technological progress) and thematic sections on current socio-economic problems. The authors also focus on issues of economic theory and practical policy, directions and results of economic research.

The publication is intended for researchers, representatives of state authorities, university teachers, postgraduates and students.

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