Linguistic Existence of Human Being and Ethnos covers selected peer-reviewed contributions presented at the Annual International Berezin Readings held since 1999. The Conference Proceedings present early findings and case studies from a wide range of fundamental and applied work across the broad range of fields that comprise research on picture of the world and its linguistic modeling; text understanding; theoretical and applied aspects of linguistics, psycholinguistics, and cognitology; research on language development trends in modern mass media and Internet; possibilities and limitations of linguistic speech diagnostics; linguistic and psycholinguistic aspects of cross-cultural communication and translation; research on semiotic systems text interaction specifics; linguistic and psycholinguistic research on basic ethnic values; issues of text and discourse semantics and pragmatics. Proceedings are published open access and are indexed in Russian Science Citation Index (on Russian platform elibrary).

Method is published since 2010 as a yearbook on polyparadigmatic social and humanitarian researches and alternative research methodologies. Particular attention is paid to methodological alternatives and the prospects for their possible synthesis. A certain priority topic of each issue has a methodological nature fixed in the title of the book. Each issue also contains the following sections. “Rokkan Lecture” section represents speeches of the Rokkan Prize laureates. “Bibliographic Guide” contains abstracts, analytical reviews and book reviews on the most interesting foreign publications related to the main topic of the issue. “Intellectual Archive for Tomorrow” section covers materials that have already become facts of the history of various social sciences, but at the same time are capable of giving impetus for the development of future research. “Dossier” section contains an overview of the work of projects and centers on methodological problems of science in Russia and abroad.

Symbolic Politics is published since 2012 as a yearbook on a wide range of phenomena and processes associated with the production and circulation of meanings described using discourse, ideology, ideas, representations, images, myths, frames, and narratives. In addition to publications on the main topics, each issue contains articles that consider theoretical and methodological problems of symbolic politics, abstracts of the works of classics, results of research and ideas in various contexts. From the first edition, continuing topics have become politics of the past, visualization of politics and the problems of political language.

Papers on Russian Studies are published since 2009 as a yearbook on Russian studies focusing on Russia as a cultural-historical type. The yearbook contains strictly academic papers, as well as journalistic and essay texts, interviews and book reviews, analytical reviews and abstracts of modern foreign and Russian science, little-known works of Russian thinkers of the late 19th – first half of the 20th centuries, archival documents. Special attention is paid to the themes of historical memory and national identity, the most important historical anniversaries of the first quarter of the 21st century (Russian revolutions, the First World War and the Great Patriotic War, etc.).