Vestnik kul’turologii (Herald of Culturology) is a periodical published by the Institute of Scientific Information for Social Sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences (INION RAN).

The journal’s principal goal is to organize the place for discussion for cultural and culturological problems and provide a platform for publication of materials contributing to the study of cultural practices.

The main interest is focused on the theory and history of culture, culture and religion, symbols and signs of different cultures, popular culture, and also the methodology of Humanities.

ISSN (print.): 2658-3291.

Roskomnadzor registration certificate: ПИ № ФС 77-74023, 19.10.2018.

The information about all the articles and full texts published (since 2000) is archived in Russian Electronic Scientific Library ( and in CyberLeninka online library.

Subscription index in the catalogue of the Russian Post is ПМ149.

Indexing: Science Index (РИНЦ).