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Lev V. Skvortsov

Lev V. Skvortsov

Doctor of Sciences in Philosophy
head of a centre

Подразделение: Centre for Academic Research and Informational Studies in the Humanities


  • 1961—Ph. D. in Philosophy (philosophical faculty of Moscow State University). The subject of the dissertation is “V. I. Lenin on the unity of theory and practice”.
  • 1967—Doctor of Sciences in Philosophy. The subject of the dissertation is “Critical analysis of the methodology of contemporary Western historico-philosophical thought and some problems of Marxist-Leninist research on history of philosophy”.
  • Internships: USA (1963–1964), France (1990s), South Korea (1990s), England (1990s), Germany (1990s).

Work experience. Since 1958, Lev Skvortsov worked at the Philosophical Sciences journal as a senior editor and deputy editor-in-chief. He taught at the faculty of philosophy of Moscow State University. In 1974–86, he worked as an advisor to the Minister of culture of the USSR, in 1986–88 as an assistant to the first Deputy Chairman of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR. Since 1988 he was a deputy director of the INION. In 1997, he was appointed head of the Centre for Academic Research and Informational Studies on the Humanities.

Awards and honors: Order of the Badge of Honor, Order of Friendship of the Peoples, Order of the Red Banner of Labor, medals.

Fields of research: social philosophy, history of philosophy, information culture, cognitology, cultural studies.

Selected publications:

  • V. I. Lenin on the unity of knowledge and practice. Moscow State University, 1961. 170 p.
  • Does metaphysics get a second wind? Moscow: Thought, 1966. 199 p.
  • Social progress and ideology. Moscow: APN, 1972. 184 p. (in English).
  • On the features of the crisis of modern bourgeois ideology. Moscow: Politizdat, 1970. 288 p.
  • Dialectics of the objective and subjective in the philosophy of history. Moscow: Znanie, 1975. 64 p.
  • El tiempo y la necessidad en la Historia. La Habana, 1977. 125 p.
  • History and antihistory. Moscow: Politizdat, 1976. 230 p. (in Italian).
  • Social progress and freedom. Moscow: Politizdat, 1979. 190 p. (in Bulgarian).
  • The subject of history and social consciousness. Moscow: Politizdat, 1989. 320 p.
  • Culture of self-consciousness: man in search of the truth of his being. Moscow: Politizdat, 1989. 320 p.
  • Hypothetical esotericism and humanitarian self-consciousness. Moscow: INION RAN, 2000. 297 p.
  • Information culture and integral knowledge. Moscow: INION RAN, 2001. 288 p.
  • Civilizational reflections: concepts of the category of post-civilizational evolution. Moscow; Saint Petersburg: Center for humanitarian initiatives, 2016. 384 p.
  • Civilizational dangers: a philosophical interpretation. Moscow; Saint Petersburg: Center for humanitarian initiatives, 2018. 384 p.
  • The truth of self-consciousness: heterotopia of meaning. Moscow: Center for humanitarian initiatives, 2020.

Grants and international projects:

  • Grant no. 17-33-00025 “Heterotopia: Civilizational context”, funded by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research.

Membership of editorial boards of academic journals: member of the editorial board of Russia and the Modern World, Man: Image and Essence, of book series Faces of Culture, Book of Light, Russian Propylaea, Humanitas, Writing of Time, Cultural Studies of the Twentieth Century.

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