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Malinova Olga Yu.

Malinova Olga Yu.

Dr. of Philosophy
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Подразделение: Отдел политической науки

Olga Malinova, Dr. of Philosophy, is the leading fellow of the Institute of Scientific Information for Social Sciences, Russian Academy of Sciences and Professor of Political Science Department of the Moscow Institute of International Relations (University). She is an author and editor of several books and articles about nationalism and national identity, political discourse and political ideologies, including Liberal Nationalism (the Middle of the Nineteenth – the Beginning of the Twentieth Century) (Moscow: RIK Rusanova, 2000) (in Rus.),  Russia and “the West” in the Twentieth Century: Transformation of Discourse About Collective Identity (Moscow: ROSSPEN, 2009) (in Rus.), Ideas and Symbolic Space of Post-Soviet Russia: Dynamics, Institutional Environment, Actors, ed. by Olga Malinova (Moscow: ROSSPEN, 2011, forthcoming).

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